The Farm

Fattora Montereggi  has been in the green hills of Fiesole for almost a century and is still permeated with the healthy atmosphere of peasant life and natural surroundings which bring to mind wood, water, sweating brows, work-worn hands and a great deal of determination.
Since 1926 every generation of our family has striven to produce wholly Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and red wines such as Chianti DOCG as well as white wines, rosés and passitos - all high quality, genuine products.

We are convinced that whoever works the land should take all the beauty that nature offers and transform it for the consumer into products that are simply the flavourful expression of the land they were grown on. Our guiding principle is to carefully team the safeguarding of tradition with selective innovation while protecting the incredible distinctiveness of our hills and the dignity of the people working there. But the bedrock of all we produce is the passion that we have maintained since our earliest days in the business.

Production processes and mechanisms may change, people may come and go, the national and international mood may grow darker as new technologies make our world unwholesome and denatured, but here in our green hills, Fattoria Montereggi is doing its part to keep what was good, healthy and wholesome for our grandparents alive for us today.

"Their optimal mocroclimate and exposure to sunlight ..."

as well as the lie of the land and its calcareous clay structure make Montereggi and Olmo two localities particularly suited to the production of quality wines and oil. This, together with their history, forms the terroir that you will find in your glass of wine and as a condiment for your favourite dishes.

            It has been known since Roman times that calcareous clay in an Alberese limestone and Galestro rock aggregate produces high quality wines that are described as 'fruity' and 'strong'.

The determining factor for our production is the low yield per hectare and per plant which allows our olive trees and grapevines to inject all their potential for flavour into very few fruits.
            Covering a total area of 15 ha, the existing vinyards were planted in the '70s and in 1987, with the exception of the vineyard visible from Villa di Montereggi which was planted in 1999 and 2005. Another two hectares were planted in 2017.  Planting distances: 3x0,80 m with around 4160 plants/ha.

The cultivars are Sangiovese, Sangiovese grosso (del Brunello), Canaiolo, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon, Merlot and Colorino for red grapes; and Tuscan Trebbiano, Chardonnay and Malvasia di Candia for white grapes.

"The cultivated varieties are Tuscan par excellence, ..."

The extension of the olive groves is 44 ha for a total of 9000 plants planted in the '60s and '70s.
Especially notable is the experimental specialized olive grove with 2500 trees planted in the '60s which was designed together with the Agricultural Department of the University of Florence for more efficiency and productivity, with palmette olive trees planted 6x4 m.

The other olive groves were planted with larger distances (6x6) and some, because of a steeper slope, were terraced, giving form to the beautiful Fiesole landscape
The cultivated varieties are Tuscan par excellence: Frantoio, Gentile, Moraiolo, Leccino, Maurino and Pendolino.

Dagli anni '80 Silvia e suo marito Valerio Cavalloni si occupano della Fattoria Montereggi con passione e professionalità, seguendo la tradizione della famiglia apportando delle innovazioni quali l' imbottigliamento di vino a denominazione d'origine (Chianti DOCG), il confezionamento di vino nei Bag in Box, l'ulteriore miglioramento della qualità dei prodotti, ricercando nuovi mercati, in particolare nella ristorazione, dando sviluppo e benessere non solo all'azienda ma anche alla stessa zona dove essa risiede.
Il lavoro di Silvia e Valerio negli ultimi anni è stato affiancato dall'aiuto dei figli Pietro, Giorgio ed Enrico. Nel 2015 la gestione dell'azienda agricola viene tramandata e portata avanti da Giorgio, dandone ulteriore freschezza e rinnovamento.

We wait for you at our winery

Our products are sold directly at the farm (including unbottled and bag-in-box wines) Wednesdays from 8am to 6pm and Saturday mornings until noon. Feel free to contact us for special requests!

Guided wine-tasting tours can be arranged.

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